Korean Bucket List

So I’ve been in Korea for a few days now. I realize Seattle never got any love and neither has Korea yet, but that shall change shortly. This post is in existence solely because my Mac doesn’t have a word processor yet.

This is a starter list of things I want to do while I’m here. SO here goes:

-Visit Seoul as an annoying tourist

-Visit Seoul on a Saturday night

-Go to that “Roaring Twenties” party at the Dragon on New Years Eve

-Fly over to China to see the Great Wall

-Fly over to Tokyo because… it’s Tokyo

-Fly over to Australia to look at the beauty

-Learn to Cook

-Get back to Hunk status

-Climb a mountain

-Make friends

-Learn Korean

-Be a baller

-That’s it for now… But more shall be added later!

Sweet Home

Today we start with the place I’ve called home for the majority of my life: Chicago. There’s so much to say about it with such little time, even with 3 hours to board.

This city is among the most famous in the US, let alone the world. This isn’t without good reason, the place is da bomb! From the musical influence, to wonderful food that will put you 20 lbs over your mark in two weeks, to a sports culture unlike any other. The city is so wide-spread that the many neighborhoods that make up the city feel so different from one another. I’m glad to have called this place home for so long.

Of course, everyone knows about the Sears tower (because anyone in their right mind never refer to it as “Willis” tower), or how much the Cubs suck year after year. But not so many know how good the Chicago hot dog is, or what REAL pizza tastes like. Nor do they know about how wonderful the nightlife is on a Saturday in Wrigleyville.

I know I’m not quite doing the city justice right now but it’s been a while since I’ve slept and I’m new to this blogging thing. I shall return to the idea and tell you more about it later!



So I started this blog a little over a year ago in efforts to get addicted, but addiction did not prevail. Over a year later and here I am again, trying to start over. I’m about to travel over to the Orient for a year and thought a travel blog was in order. But who knows, it may turn into something else!

Come! Read! Enjoy the articles! Be my friend!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

A wonderful picture that explains so much with so little.

A wonderful picture that explains so much with so little.